Why Do Americans Choose to Serve the Army? Essay

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Knowing the risks why would Americans choose to serve the army? To answer this question I will be using the texts “Why They Serve” by Sarah Palin, “A soldier’s story: War affects the whole family” by David Zucchino and “The Making of a Marine Officer” by Joel Pitney. In this paper I’m also supposed to answer the following questions: 1. Give an outline of the various views on serving in the army presented in the three texts. 2. How does Sarah Palin engage the reader in text 1? Illustrate your answer with examples from the text. 3. Taking one of the texts as your starting point, discuss what motivates young people to fight for their country. The three texts each give a different view on Americans entry the army and America’s wars around the world. In text one Sarah Palin tells us how great she thinks it is that the youth doesn’t take their freedom for granted, and actually go out into the world and defend their families and the rights of the free Americans. The second text has a bit more of a negative tone to it. While the Kahlor’s thinks it is great that the Americans go out and defend their country, they don’t thinks that the country does enough for those that return home, using their son as an example; the country didn’t offer an effective form of PTSD treatment, and they believe it was worth the risk. In the third text Nathaniel Fick thinks that serving the army is a kind of rite of passage, and serves to make you the man you are supposed to be. Sarah Palin uses a simple tactic to engage the reader as seen in the text “Why They Serve”. Sarah Palin starts out by using her firstborn son, Track, as an example, and in that way she appeals to the families in the United States. Reading through the article you notice that she keeps referring back to her son and the families, for example in line 9-10 she says “I was the mom of a young soldier being sent

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