Why Did Ww2 Affect The Soviet Union

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The World War II affected the Soviet Union. There were many influential factors, which were formed from the World War II’s aftermath. World War II took place near the Pacific Ocean within Asia and mostly Eastern Europe. After World War II, many communists’ governments were established because of World War II, but the Soviet Union was against communists’ governments. The Soviet Union was initiated the satellite states as a response to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which were against the communism. The satellite states were not only established in response to the NATO treaty, but to expand the Soviet Union’s governmental powers within Eastern Europe. The Soviet Union’s ability to control Eastern Europe was completed with the military troops already stationed within the territory.…show more content…
During the 1950’s and 1960’s the Soviet Unions satellite states established the Brezhnev doctrine. The Brezhnev Doctrine was established because of the Soviet Union’s ability to maintain such governmental control over Eastern Europe. An intervention of such domestic affairs with military power provided the Soviet Union a unique Political power. Surprisingly by the 1970’s the Soviet Union and the United States of Americas formed a treaty agreement to reduce the nuclear missiles both possessed. Nuclear missiles were the reasons such turmoil was established between the Soviet Union and other nations. Many uprisings formed from Berlin’s blockade and wall, aircrafts, and the Warsaw Pact. All of the upbringings within Berlin caused increased tension and between the communists and procommunists
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