Why Did World War 1 Break Out

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Why did World War 1 breakout? By the 6th august 1914 the world was at war there were several steps that led up to the war that lasted four years and ended in 1918. Hundreds of thousands of men were killed from all over the world. There were 6 main reasons for world war 1 breaking out. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Bosnia and France was set on revenge. There was also economic rivalry and alliances. Not to mention war plans and nationalism. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand played a major part in the First World War. This is why it is my most important reason. On the 20th June 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand was visiting Bosnia with his pregnant wife Sophie. A gang called the ‘black hand’ planned to kill the archduke as he drove by. All the members of the gang were dying of T.B so they thought they had nothing to lose, and to be certain they had snide to take. They smuggled weapons in from Serbia. The first two terrorists had grenades but were unable to throw them because it was too crowded. The third terrorist threw his grenade but forgot about the 10 second wait and it exploded under the car that was following the Archduke and his wife. Several men were injured but no one was killed. He took the snide but it was out of date so it didn’t work he was arrested. The archduke unhurt insisted on going to the hospital to see the men that were hurt. On the way the driver took a wrong turn and ended going down a street were another terrorist was, the terrorist fired two shot one hitting the pregnant Sophie killing her almost instantly the other hitting the archduke in the neck killing him. The terrorist took the snide but of course it didn’t work he was about to shoot himself when he was arrested. I choose this reason because it led Austria to blame Serbia for the assassination. Austria then continued to declare war on Serbia. This is an

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