Why Did World War 1 Break Out in 1914

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Why did world war 1 break out in 1914? I think the reason why world war 1 broke out In 1914 was because was to do with the making up of Alliances which caused all the countries to fight for the country they had made a treaty with but there are many reasons that build up to the great war. Alliances are agreements or promises to defend another country when in need. There were two alliances the Triple Alliance which consisted of Germany, Austria and Hungary and also Italy whereas the Triple Entente was made up of Britain, France and Russia. The Alliances were made to protect the country when in war or whilst away and fighting. As you can see from the picture below the Triple Alliance were surrounded by the Triple Entente so they might have felt a cautious about an outside attack from the Triple Entente http://firstworldwar.olemarius.net/images/pics/map.gif The first official attack in the war was by Austria-Hungary. Austria-Hungary invaded Serbia 28 July 1914 and bombarded Belgrade 29 July this was all triggered by the assaination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand by a member of the Black Hand. The making up of alliances and the order to protect the country they have made treaty with. If the assassin of Franz Ferdinand hadn’t of shot the duke and The Alliances had not been formed there may have only been a small war between Serbia and Austria-Hungry . This is linked with Militarism because the Building up of Armed forces by each country caused a threat between countries because if you had a bigger army you were seen as a more powerful and dominant force in the war therefore pressuring a country to build up their armed forces . After this Russia went to help the serbians and Germany went to protect Austria- Hungry . France had previous conflicts with the Germans so they were straight in with the war Britain were only brought into action after Germany forced their way
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