Why Did the Usa Become Increasingly Involved in South-East Asia in the 1950’s? Essay

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Why did the USA become increasingly involved in south-east Asia in the 1950’s? During the 1950’s, the USA’s involvement in South East Asia developed rapidly, especially in Vietnam. The strategies of the US also involved Cambodia and Laos; however the policies didn’t include sending in advisors or troops to these countries. Involvement started during Truman’s presidency, as he was an ally to the French, who were already greatly involved in Vietnam. One could argue that the involvement in South East Asia, particularly Vietnam, began in 1950. As the French were allies of America in the fight against communism in Europe and Indochina, and a stability of the western alliance and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO); Truman funded them during the Franco-Vietminh war. As part of the ‘Truman Doctrine’, Truman gave $10 million of direct aid to the French; this aid continued throughout 1950, and by the end Truman had given the French $150 million. This is a key reason as to why Truman felt the need to continue involvement into Vietnam, as the US couldn’t just leave the French, due to so much financial commitment. It could also be argued that Truman continued to be involved due to the domestic opinion on communism at the time. The fear of communism was strong in the USA, due to China’s fall to communism; it could be asserted that it was a wakeup call for the president. Truman was slated for his lack of involvement in preventing the spread; as a result the Red Scare and McCarthyism emerged. Truman feared that he may lose elections as many of the population believed he was soft on communism, so he became increasingly involved to show that US was a defender of democracy and capitalism, attempting to ‘keep communism at bay’. The end of WW2 saw the USSR rearm and get nuclear weapons; there was also talk of communism seeking to expand. The US were fearful of

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