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John (Jack) O’Connell American C. II P. Galgano 08/15/12 U.S. entry and efforts in WW1 When World War 1 erupted in 1914. Woodrow Wilson announced on August 4th, 1914 that the U.S. would stay out of the controversy and remain a neutral role in World War 1. The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of the Austria-Hungary Empire by Serbia ignited the domino affects that lead the U.S. into WW1. The Austria-Hungary Empire had the Triple Alliance with Germany and Italy. Germany at the time was the most powerful single country in Europe, but it’s weak allies required Germany’s support on their various fronts. Italy refused to enter WW1 and remained neutral. The lure of territorial gains convinced Italy to side with the Allies in May 1915. Russia had an alliance with Serbia and that brought the military efforts of both nations together to fight against the Central Powers. The core of the Allies was the treaty between France and Russia. The 1904 Entente Cordiale treaty Britain signed with France brought the British into the war when Germany attacked France through Belgium. Belgium had a firm alliance with England. The British then saw the…show more content…
For the next few months President Wilson attempted to come up with a plan to bring a peaceful resolution to WW1. Woodrow Wilson sent out letters of concerns to both sides asking would be required for peace. Britain and France sent back responses that could only be concluded with decisive military victory. Germany was very vague and uninterested in a peaceful resolution. President Wilson offered the idea of peace based around a new concept that would become known as the, “League of Nations”. Woodrow Wilson stated, “Peace had to be a peace of reconciliation, a peace without victory, for a victor’s peace would leave a sting, a resentment, a bitter memory upon which terms of peace would rest, not permanently, but only as upon quicksand”. (www.historylearning

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