Why Did the Titanic Sink?

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Why did the Titanic sink? On 14th April 1912, RMS Titanic set sail on her maiden voyage. Being the largest ship afloat, the ‘unsinkable’ titanic was struck a deadly iceberg, resulting to 1,517 deaths, and a legend torn apart. But many ask, why did the titanic sink. A simple question with a mysterious answer behind it. Could it have been prevented? And whose fault was it really? Titanic was Captain E.J. Smiths retirement trip. All he had to do now was to get to Titanic’s destination-New York, in record time. The Californian was also on sail that day, which decided to stop in the deadly ice-field only 500 yards from the Titanic. After being lured into this death pit in the middle of the north Atlantic ocean, the Californian took the choice of sending warning after warning (resulting to seven warnings all together), out to the titanic, not knowing that Captain Smith would decide to ignore them. But was he really responsible for the sinking? Captain Smith was told that the titanic could take on anything, whether it was a tiny thunder storm, or an iceberg 50-100 feet high, and possibly 400 feet long. Bruce Ismay was the White Star Line director. When titanic sank, it was said to be because of a flaw in the ship, which was under Bruce’s responsibility. Because of this, the titanic would have stayed in one piece, and would have stayed afloat for at least another 3 hours. Many people say that he pressured Captain Smith to speed up when it landed in the ice-field. Also, Bruce Ismay believed that titanic was unsinkable, so he instructed that no more lifeboats or lifejackets were needed on the ship and reduced the number of lifeboats from 40 to 16. I believe that it was both Captain Smiths fault, and Bruce Ismays. I think this because although Captain Smith was told that the titanic could take on anything, even after one iceberg warning he should have slowed the ship down,

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