Why Did The Roman Empire Fall

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In history we are learning about the Romans and as part of it we were asked to do a piece of homework on why the Roman Empire fell. So here is what I have decided happened or even could have happened, in a piece of writing. There were many different reasons that could have happened causing the Roman Empire to fall, like money problems. Money Problems would have been a big issue as there probably wasn’t enough to go around for paying the army and for food to eat etc. There also wasn’t enough money to make good decisions so the Empire went into debt. Also the taxes could have been too high causing a rebellion in the Provinces meaning fires in places such as; grain houses, meaning more money needed to be spent on the burnt down buildings and grain. Another factor that caused the end of the Roman Empire was problems controlling the armies. The army was an important part of the Roman Empire as they helped stop the Barbarians coming in and if they did come in and attack, they would be killing people and burning down buildings. This is how the army problem ties in with the money problem because if you didn’t have enough money to pay the army they probably would strike, if that is what you want to call it. So that means the Barbarians would have come in and attacked causing destruction so they would have to pay to fix it, meaning the Empire would go into even more debt. Also all the different Emperors could have been the cause of the end of the Roman Empire, because come on, no one said that being an Emperor was easy!!! He might have been under stress and not made the right decisions. What I find proves this, is that the Empire might have been too big to control easily. Also the Emperor could not really trust many people and the people that he thought he could trust he couldn’t, because they would end up betraying him. Another reason could have been, keeping
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