Why Did the Roman Empire Collapsed

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The Roman Empire in Rome, Italy was very long lasting mainly because of the amount of money and places the army took over. This empire, lasted for over 500 eventful years, started in 44 BC, the appointment of Julius Caesar. The Roman Empire started in Italy and spread to Spain, Carthage, Macedonia, Asia Minor and many more. They were strong but there was a lot of selfishness between the army and the empire. The four main reasons for the collapse of the empire are Economics. Power (Army), Religion and Power (Emperor). The first reason for the collapse of the empire is Economics. I can support this as the roman emperors spent a lot of money on showing off to others, making others feel jealous and for their own pleasure. Some of the things they spent it on were golden statues of themselves, banquets that were very expensive and clothes made out of the finest, unique fabrics instead of trying to develop the infrastructure of Rome. By spending so much money on themselves, they had to raise the taxes so they could carry on paying for their own well-being. As they raised the taxes, less people could pay for their well-being such as food, which caused another problem, poverty. Furthermore, another problem was how much money the Roman Empire spent on creating new buildings, which were built on people’s land. But the empire were very inconsiderate and silly as people were paying the taxes by growing and harvesting crops which they would sell to the markets in order to pay for the taxes. The markets then started to bring in less money as there were fewer products being sold to the markets. They then had to raise the taxes leaving more people in poverty, which also caused many deaths. This is just one reason for the collapse for the Empire. The second reason for the collapse of the army was Religion, Christianity that had a massive influence on a lot of the population of
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