Why Did the Reds Win the Russian Civil War

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Why did the Reds win the Russian Civil War? When the Bolsheviks (known as the Reds) came to power in November 1917, they started to set out new policies and make new rules such as closing the Constituent Assembly. These new ways of running Russia, were disliked by many and by the summer of 1918 Russia was in the state of the Civil War. The Reds managed to win the civil war in the end. The main reasons for why the Reds won the Civil War the geographical factors affecting the war, support for the Bolsheviks and the Red Army and crucially were the leadership of Trotsky. The first reason why the Reds were able to win the Russian Civil War was down to the superior leadership skills of Trotsky compared to the Whites. Using strategic propaganda tactics and superb military leadership, he commanded the Red Army into victory. The first reason why the Reds had such a better leader was the way he chose and commanded his army. This was firstly by very strict military discipline. Strictness and harsh punishments provided a deterrent to deserters and those who gave up and it created a sense of unity of fighting for one cause among the troops. This view is supported by Trotsky’s orders to the Red Army (Source D) in which he says that “Every scoundrel who incites anyone to retreat, to desert, or not to fulfil a military order, will be shot”. These harsh disciplinary techniques were used, in Trotsky’s knowledge, to boost soldiers’ morale and their will of fighting as he knew that if he lost this war, the Revolution would break up and communism would end in Russia for good. Also Trotsky selected the army carefully. He made sure, for example that there were nearly 50,000 former Tsarist officers in the Army even though the communists despised the Tsar, as these officers were experienced and good, since they had been trained, unlike the rest of the mainly peasant-conscript army .Because
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