Why Did the Reds Win the Russian Civil War? Essay

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Why did the Reds Win the Russian Civil War? By the summer of 1918, the communists had begun to face a series of devastating attacks. This was the beginning of, and would grow to form, a vicious civil war that would tear Russia apart. In the end, it was the communists that seized victory and ended the disruptive and unstable malevolence that the civil war had erupted into. It was a victory that several in the future would question and query about.” What was it exactly that caused the Reds’ success?” many would ask. In answering this enquiry, this essay will look specifically into the; Red control over specific areas (their geographical advantage), Trotsky’s leadership in the Red army, failure of foreign intervention, and the White’s incoherence and lack of organization in the Russian Civil war. Throughout the most of the Civil War the Reds had centralized the majority of their forces in a certain area that had covered Moscow and Petrograd. The Whites seemed to be at a clear advantage with possession of the areas bordering this communist central, these areas included, Murmansk, Archangel, Yekaterinburg, and Samara. They held the benefit of literally surrounding the Bolshevik region. Therefore, to what advantage were the Reds exactly in, holding only this central zone? It was actually this particular location that contained the largest industrial centers which provided munitions and war supplies throughout the course of the war. Additionally, this location provided the control of the railway lines which connected Petrograd and Moscow to the rest of the country. This meant that; they could send troops and munitions to any of the battle areas swiftly, they could easily distribute resources, and communication was significantly more effective. This clear advantage was an important factor in the Red victory of the civil war, as transportation, resources, and
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