Why Did the Racial Divide Occur in Colonial Virginia?

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The racial divide in virginia happened through an unthinking decision that happened over time due to logical practicality.The english settled in the Americas in a national chauvinistic manner. They had slaves and servants. Over time their sense of power, the need to protect that power grew and as that grew so did the African American population. They were both visually and mentally different, so much so that the English planters [and others] deemed them lower beings and allowed the division to happen. In 1607, Great Britain sent forth people to the Americas, hence creating Jamestown. They aptly named the town after King James I. It was created after the failure of the first colonies. When they came, they fought with disease and a hostile Native American tribe. ( "Colonial Virginia." ) This new colony was still developing, surrounded by wilderness but yet very isolated, with cabins and huts separated and a barrier against the former. In the beginning there was a seemingly, lack of color definition. At the time, it was not the color of the skin, yet the myth [Religion] you believed in, and where you were in in a socio economic standing. If you were a christian, it was all ok, if you had a significant amount of money, you were better off, if you had neither, you are going to have a bad time. They had servants, traditionally the lower class, and slaves. It was a mixture of whites, Englishmen, Scots, Irish,( from known texts, I am using a text from Lerone Bennett ) , Native Americans, and African Americans. However, those in power within the colonies, which usually were planters, people who owned plantations, realised that there was a problem. With white servants, they could easily run away, “..they could escape and blend into the whiteness of their country.” (Bennett, Lerone). They also realised that “..Poor whites had tenuous but important connections to small

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