Why Did The Plague Spread Through Medieval Europe

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The Bubonic Plague Question 1: Prepare a map to demonstrate how and when the plague spread through Medieval Europe. The deadly plague began in the Gobi Desert, in China and worked it way through Asia. It then reached Europe initially following Caravan routes, the Silk Road, and as well with the aid of European Shipping and the accompanying rats which boarded the ships, by 1346 the Black Death arrived in the Crimea. The spread of the disease had started throughout the now known world. Within 12 months the spread of the Black Death had devastated Constantinople (now known as Istanbul). The illness moved to Alexandria in the autumn of 1347 and within 6 months of the primary outbreak 1000 people were dying every day in that city alone. Two months later, the death toll in Cairo was exceeding 7500 people who were dying every day.…show more content…
Back in medieval Europe, there was a lack of medical knowledge therefore the preventions of catching the bubonic plague were very weird and some were very useless. Some preventions were to keep isolated in houses were everybody was healthy and was not sick. Some ran away leaving their families and houses escaping to the countryside. An extreme prevention was the flagellants which went round to towns beating themselves until they bled; this was done because to show remorse and regrets for the sins they did and that their pain would help God to stop the plague. “…they were men who did public penance and scourged themselves with whips of hard knotted leather with little iron spikes. Some made themselves bleed very badly between the shoulder blades…” Extract from Medieval historian book Jean Froissart’s book “Hundred Years War” A disgusting prevention of the black plague was to give plague boils for those who were not sick. Many people had it in their food and drink; some even swallowed it from mature boils in
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