Why Did The Plague Occur In The Fourteenth Century

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In 1348 A.D., one of the world’s worst pandemics erupted in the east: the Black Plague. Entire cities were wiped out, religions crumbled, and buboes the size of eggs protruded on the necks of forty five percent of the population. The origin of the plague takes us back to the Gobi Desert in the 1320’s. Reasons are unknown as to why the outbreak started in the Gobi Desert but one theory relates to the cooling of the earth in the fourteenth century. Perhaps this so-called Ice-Age has something to do with the spread. Not only did the plague spread west, it spread in every direction, and the Asian nation suffered just as much as the European nation. In China, the population dropped from 125 million to 90 million in less than a hundred years. The
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