Why Did the Native Americans Rebel Against Colonists

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The Bacon's Rebellion was one of the largest popular Rebellion that uprising prior to the American revolution. This large Rebellion had began as a dispute among the English settlers in Virginia Over the Americans Indian policy. The civil war had erupted pitting Anti- American Indian westerns settlers( this include that there were many slaves and servants in the anti-American civil war. Governor William Berkeley and his allies where encouraged more and more policy toward the indigenous people. In 1876 the rebellion had took the name of the Nathaniel Bacon, that who had arrived as the young men in Virginia into the Elite. Most of all the consequence of wars in the Rebellion were profound than the idea and the sing leadership man. When Bacon had migrated to Virginia to search the personal gain that he entered a precarious world where the American Indians had freed and enslaved blacks, and the English colonist (including many contract with the servants) struggle to the coexist. By the late 1670 only four thousands of the American Indians, had divided twenty different tribes, that continued to live in close to the European settlers. Many of the Europeans settlers accepted the dependent status of the English crown. Governor Berkeley had treated equitably and distinguish between American Indians allies and foes. Regardless about the colonists those people that where located on the western frontier, were deeply evil to all the American Indians. All the details to the rebellion are straightforward. Like in July 1675 a violent dispute had erupted over a big misunderstanding between the English settlers and the band of Doegs in the Potomac River Valley. In late August, Governor Berkeley made the effort to make a peaceful resolution that were hampered by the anger colonist that who had choosing to take matter into their own hands. By 1676 ( at the same moment a word
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