Why Did The Conservatives Win 1906 Essay

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History SA Conservative Failure to win 1906 election The Conservatives ruled the British government for over two decades, however in 1906 the conservatives lost the election due to the party declining in popularity, they declined in popularity for many reasons. Firstly, the introduction of Tariff reform in May of 1903 by chamberlain was in response to competition with USA and Germany who had their own reforms and in result had grew much larger in the trade industry as of it. Now the introduction to tariff reform in GB was bad news especially for the conservatives who split the party up into three groups who all believed different things would benefit British trade. Despite splitting up the conservatives the intro of tariff reform benefitted the Liberals Hugely. In 1904 Winston Churchill encouraged the Liberals to retrieve free trade. The liberals did this and took advantage of the growing decline in popularity in the conservative party for example stating ‘vote for Liberal get a big loaf of bread, vote for Conservative get a small piece of bread’ voting liberal prevented paying tax on food therefore it would be cheaper. Another Reason for the Conservatives not…show more content…
In result the rail workers called a strike along with the trade union. Taff railway sued the union and the case ended up in the House of Lords which resulted the union having to pay the compensation of twenty three thousand pound to the rail network. Needless to say this really effected the point of view of the working class towards the conservatives. This leads to a chain of many events that lead to the creation of the Labour party which then lead to the creation of the lib lab pact which really did help out the liberals with their famous Liberal Land Slide of the 1906
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