Why Did Spain Have A Lot Of Power

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Being king of Spain and the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V had alot of power. But being so powerful is not always a good thing. Having a lot of power means having more responsibilities which equals more problems, and Charles had his share of problems during his reign. He had his political problems with the French, the papacy,and the Turks. He battled trying to over come the Luthereanism momvement, and with his conservative thinking led him to havin social problems. The Habsburg-Valois wars all started with Charles' dispute over territories with Francis I, this caused alot of conflict between the two. The Habsburg-Valois{H-V} wars lasted throughout twenty four years which kept him occupied. In the second H-V…show more content…
But this didn't stop the threats from coming. THe Ottoman Turks thought this was their time to try and overcome part of the empire. Through this process they defeated Charles' brother-in-law, overran mmost of Hungary, and even got to Vienna, until they driven back by force in 1529. In Germany, Charles decided to attempt to settle the Lutheran problem through the Diet of Augsburg in 1530. Where he ended up demanding that the Lutherans return to the Catholic Church in 1531. This caused some Lutheran princes to form an alliance called the Schmalkadic League, where they vowed to help eachother when they needed it. They formed this alliance because they began to fear Charles' intentions. This whole process through religion began to divide the empire into two different territories. Charles had a conservative way of thinking. about things. He didn't want reformers coming in trying to change his religion and things. So this caused him to have a lonely but lowyal social life with his subjects. But his empire was way to big to be controlled so his subjects couldn't stay loyal for too long, because Charles had to many problems to deal with and only a
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