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WHY DID THE REVOLUTIONS OF 1848 -1849 IN ITALY FAIL? The failures of the 1848 - 1849 revolutions in Italy failed to achieve anything because Italy was divided and each of the revolutions had different aims. Italy was separated into separate states and they all wanted different things to happen, most of the states did not want a money to run them instead they wanted a republic. The desertion of the Pope in the revolution had most of the Catholic supporters of the revolution. None of the states in Italy agreed on anything about from one thing - getting Austria out of Lombardy and Venetia. One of the main reasons why the revolutions in 1848 and 1849 Italy failed was because of the Austrians. In January 1848, people in Milan refused to buy tobacco or play the lottery because this fed the Austrian assets. Austria then became angry about this so they killed some Italian citizens. In July 1947, Austria took Ferrara, a town in the Papal States. Austria later backed out of this due to the protests of the Pope. The Italians wanted Austrian rule to be removed from the north east of Lombardy and Venetia. The Austrian armies had more superior military skills than the Italians did. They also had more troops than the Italians had 75,000 troops to Italy’s 30,000 troops. The revolutions in Italy only had a chance to success when Austria was busy concentrating on the revolutions back home. After the failure of the Austrian revolutions, the Austrian army had even more troops to use against the Italian army. Austria also had the advantage of the leadership of Radetzky who was a skilful general. The leadership of Radetzky was important to the Austrian army as his guidance was much better than that of Charles Albert’s.The Austrian army was also very well equipped with weapons while the Italian army was not. However, since all the Italian states couldn’t agree on what they wanted
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