Why Did Ophelia Commit Sucide Essay

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Oluwabukunola Farayola Mr. O. Lopes ENG3UI-01 April 23rd , 2012 Why did Ophelia commit suicide? In different works of literature characters have had conflicts dealing with their tragic flaws. Ophelia is gentle, loving and beautiful person, She is obedient to her father and loyal to her family, She is deeply in love with Hamlet and believes his "tenders" to be sincere, what would make her commit suicide? The cause of Ophelia’s death has been debated over many years by different people. Her obedience and dependence is a cover for her weakness and her need for a role model. Ophelia commits suicide due to her weakness as she cannot continue after her father’s death and cannot be her own role model. Ophelia is a very obedient person, this is evident in her actions, but as the play goes on, there is a realization that her actions of obedience are not just obedience, but her dependence on others. Ophelia is a weak character, her actions against Hamlet is an act of obedience to her father. In the beginning of the play, Ophelia’s feelings for Hamlet are known when she tells her father, Polonius, about him. Ophelia states that “My lord, he hath importun’d me with love/In honourable fashion” (1.3.110-111). By saying this to Polonius she means that Hamlet is an honourable man, as he pleaded his love for her. Ophelia later forsakes her feeling for Hamlet when her father advices her to do so. She explicitly agrees not to see Hamlet upon her fathers’ behest: “I shall obey my lord” (1.3.136). Ophelia reaction shows that Polonius truly has control over her; she sacrificed all her feelings for Hamlet just so that she can please her father. Ophelia’s thoughts and actions show what a weak person she is. When Hamlet slanders her and implies that she is no better than a prostitute, Ophelia does not defend herself even at Hamlets mockery, but after he is gone she pities herself:

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