Why Did Mussolini Invade Abyssinia

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There are several reasons Benito Mussolini decided to invade the Northern African state of Abyssinia, including those he stated to the public and the real deeper reasons. On 2 October 1935 Abyssinian Emperor, Haile Selassie, went to the League himself to ask for help after 100,000 Italian troops had invaded Northern Abyssinia that morning. A year earlier Mussolini had sent a memo to his generals calling for "the Total conquest of Abyssinia". The excuse for the attack came in an incident during December 1934 between Italian and Abyssinian troops at the Wal-Wal oasis on the border between Abyssinia and Italian Somaliland. Mussolini demanded an apology and he also prepared his army. All the League did was to ban arms sales, which did Abyssinia more harm than Italy. A League commission offered Italy part of Abyssinia, but Italy invaded anyway. Far from stopping Italy, Britain and France tried to make a secret pact to give Abyssinia to Italy. That is what happened, but why it happened I will explain below. Lots of reasons for the invasion were to do with past bitterness’s. One of the most important reasons as to why Mussolini invaded Abyssinia was to get revenged for a failed attack on it in 1896. At that time they had sought Abyssinia for its fertile lands and mineral wealth, however they were beaten by Abyssinian tribesmen using primitive weaponry. It was humiliating for them, something Mussolini could not stand for and had to repair. Another reason was that Mussolini craved a powerful empire, similar to the Roman Empire Italy had once had, and annexation into Abyssinia could have been the first step of this. Also, Italy had been left disappointed by the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 as Italy had received very little territory or reparations, despite being on the side of the allied powers and several battles during World War I taking place in Italy. This attack was not
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