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3. WHY DID LOUIS XVI’S POLICIES FROM 1789 FAIL TO PREVENT HIS EXECUTION IN 1793? (MAY/JUNE 2007) • Introduction: The French Revolution was a period of change. It marked the beginning of the king’s authority as an absolute monarch to the hands of the people. However the process was not as easy as it may sound as the Louis XVI was more reluctant to share his authority with the people and wanted to maintain his privilege and power as previously through certain dreadful policies. Hence, this paper shall study and later assess the reasons for the execution of Louis XVI as a result to his policies. • First Point: Tennis Court Oath o The Tennis Court Oath signified the formation of the National Assembly whereby the Estates vowed never to separate, and to meet wherever circumstances demand, until the constitution of the kingdom is established and affirmed on solid foundations. o Louis XVI’s decision to declare the National Assembly as illegal and ordering the Estates to dissolve marked the beginning of the Third Estates as well as sections from the Clergies and Nobles’ defiance toward him. • Second Point: The Flight to Verennes 1791 o As a result to the signing of the Civil Constitution against Louis XVI’s will, Louis XVI decided to flee to the border with his family to join the Emigres but only to be stopped by locals and were sent back to Paris. o The significance of the Flight to Verennes 1791z==> This flight was seen as an insult to the people and that the people began to lose their trusts towards the King; and that a new Republican Party emerged to go against the King. • Third Point: The Austrian Committee o Consisted of influential politicians and confidants of Queen Marie Antoinette whereby the Queen made secret contacts with Vienna. o In September 1791, the Queen sought help from his brother Leopold II to go against the revolutionaries in
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