Why Did Louis Xvi Failed to Prevent His Execution in 1793? Essay

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There were many reasons why he failed to satisfy the revolutionaries and it shows why one after the other it led to a disaster. After the constitution was brought in, the changes were bound to come as people wanted certain rights like equality; the people didn't want the monarchy to end but just some changes in it. This new constitution limited and controlled the king's power, which is exactly why the king was not very pleased with, although he was a weak king he still wanted his power, but there was not much he could do about it anymore. So one of the reasons of Louis failing to satisfy revolutionaries can be his weakness, attitude and inefficiency on his decisions. It took 2 years for agreement to be reached on all of the details of the new constitution. In 1789 it finally come. The reason why it failed was that some of the decisions taken about the revolutionary issues, the issue of the veto had begun to divide the members of the assembly, and the king always defend a more contituent moncarchy. Yet by October 1789 things started to calm down, and progress had begun, reforms covered government, the law, finances, and the economy, and the church. The principals of the declaration were being applied. So we can from at least the fist part of the changes of the national assembly, the power of veto was in the king's hand and he in a way did abuse it just to get his own way and power. Another issue was the active and passive citizens; in 1789 some people were allowed to vote, these allowed to vote were called the active citizens, they had to pay to vote, so many couldn’t vote . So what Louis could have done was maybe lower these taxes, if he would have done this he would at least have the support of the ones who could not pay fot vote. But as he didn't do anything still the higher bourgeoisie and upper classes still controlled the government

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