Why Did George Take Lennie Analysis

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DID HE HAVE ANY OTHER CHOICE? In ma opinion I would say this is a grey situation meaning that it’s not black and it’s not white its in the middle, basically it’s a 2 sided case. I would start off by saying lennie had no right to act as God in taking his best friend’s life just because he made a mistake, God is the giver and taker of life so George had no right to take lennie’s life. There are many other ways in which George could have dealt with lennie for instance he could have taken lennie to the police, if he could have killed someone like a brother to him just like that then obviously he could have easily taken him 2 the police station and left him there to be taken care of. He could have easily told the police men what was wrong…show more content…
George knew that lennie has done this kind of thing many times before he had ‘always been like that’ remember he has the mind of a child. Lennie didn’t mean to kill curely’s wife she has a habit of going to places she shouldn’t, mostly because she is desperate and lonely, so she was somewhere she shouldn’t have been when she went into the barn and she gave lennie the permission to get very close to her which was a very dangerous thing to do and lennie grabs her when she gets frightened by him and starts screaming and because lennie was so strong once he grabbed hold of her he broke her neck and when lennie noticed she was dead he ran to the brush where George told him to go when he was in trouble. This is how the whole situation started. Like what happened to candy, George wanted to be the one to take care of lennie because lennie was his business not curely’s business, he didn’t want his best friend to be killed by another man that was a stranger to him and also wanted to get revenge on him for breaking all the bones in his hand, I don’t think he would have been able to live with himself knowing that his best friend was killed by a boastful stranger over something he didn’t mean to do. Also there wouldn’t have been a good way of escaping because the men were everywhere and at the time George and lennie were in the brush the men weren’t far from there so there was no way they would have been able to escape the men. George once explained lennie’s disabilities to slim. Before George shot lennie at the back of his head in a merciful killing kind of way he felt very bad and awful like it was said in the book ‘His voice was monotonous, had no emphasis.’ And before he shot lennie it took him quiet some time before he could actually
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