Why Did Frederick Douglass Contribute To The Abolitionist Movement

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Unit 10 Test Review 1. What events were common during the Second Great Awakening?_____Religious Revivals______________________ 2. What were the accomplishments of Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott?________________ __Helped fight for women’s suffrage movement________________________________________________________. 3. Who was Harriet Tubman?____________Abolitionist, leader of underground railroad_____________________ 4. How did Frederick Douglass contribute to the abolitionist movement? He spoke and wrote about his early life as a slave 5. 19th century reform efforts led to building of _New Hospitals_ for _the mentally ill, deaf, and blind________. 6. Make a timeline of three important events in the Abolitionist Movement.…show more content…
Need to understand when abolitionist movement took place in relation to the civil war. 7. Sojourner Truth was a contemporary of Frederick Douglass and both opposed _slavery____________________. 8. Uncle Tom’s Cabin, The North Star, and The Liberator were all publications that addressed what issue? __opposition of slavery_________ 9. Walt Whitman wrote _Leaves of Grass_____(book) and was a part of _Transcendentalism_____ movement and called father of __American Free Verse___________________________________________________________. 10. Elizabeth Cady Stanton supported equal rights for ____Women______________________________________. 11. 19th century reforms were unsuccessful in achieving ___voting__________ rights for women. 12. John James Audubon contributed to science in his study of _American birds_________ anatomy and

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