Why Did D Day Occur

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Operation Overlord or also known as D day occurred on June 9th, 1944. It was of major significance to our country and had its own influences on the wars we have fought since. Many lives were lost that day and I feel that in truly understanding the events that took place that day that it helps to remember those lives that were lost and how they died for our country. The impact that D-Day had on the country is something that our great nation never needs to forget and by understanding why it happened is just one step to realizing why it was so important in the war and in American history. There were many reasons why D Day occurred. In my research I found that there are major reasons why we decided to go through with D Day. At first the United States didn’t want to get involved with the war in Europe. The citizens of the United States had the major influence of why we didn’t enter the war earlier. You do not want to get…show more content…
It was one of the deadliest that left 14000 to 19000 people dead. Also it was a big push to keep the axis army from controlling all of Europe. I feel if D Day didn’t occur or we lost the battle that we would have had a harder time getting into the mainland and keeping the German forces at bay long enough for the allies to sweep through and stop the axis armies. If we wouldn’t have gone and won the battle of D Day that today’s history could be changed. We may or may not even be the same country today or at least be run by Germans or someone of the axis army. The fact that we won this battle makes me think that for the nation as a whole we are better off and not only did it help win the war but it helped the whole United States in 1944 and also in 2012. It makes me believe that I may not possibly be even alive if it wasn’t for the battle of Normandy and I may or may not have the freedoms and privileges I have today

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