Why Did Christopher Columbus Wrong

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The entire western world has been taught that Columbus was the first man from cultures known to us to reach the “New World” what if what we’ve been taught is false? The fact of the matter is that what we have been taught is incorrect. Take a gander with me if you will. The Europeans arrived 1492, in vessels maxing out their holds at 20 to 90 men and supplies for them to survive. The vastness of the Chinese is demonstrated six centuries ago, a mighty armada of Chinese ships crossed the China Sea, then ventured west to Arabia, and East Africa. The fleet consisted of giant nine-massed junks, escorted by dozens of supply ships, water tankers, transports for cavalry horses, and patrol boats. The armada's crew totaled more than 27,000 sailors and soldiers.…show more content…
In comparison the Nina (Columbus’s biggest ship) was a mere 90 by 30 feet. The size of the Chinese ships at this time was what the Europeans conjured up in the Victorian era over 2 centuries later. Simply in knowing that you could say that the Chinese were equipped well enough to make it across the Pacific. This plus Chinese advanced maritime skills and archeological finds supporting even earlier voyages all the way to Easter Island. Saying that is based on opinion and assumptions, so here’s the proof an amateur historian, found detailed maps, logs and accounts of voyages to the Americas in the early 1400’s. Others have found similar pieces that show Chinese exploration to Africa and Arabia. In knowing this, the way we are taught about Columbus is false; in fact it was the Chinese that explored Latin America many years prior to the

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