Why Did Charlemagne Demand Attention To Reading And Writing?

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Jorge Trejo 8-16 In what ways did Charlemagne’s administration and educational regulations of his empire reflect his authority and foresight? 8-17 Why did Charlemagne demand attention to reading and writing? Was the church at risk when more people could read the bible and other Christian literature? Why? Charlemagne reign began in 768, and he would prove to be a great leader, and a great mind. He was basically the prefect ruler; tall, physically healthy, and most importantly intelligent. He spoke and understood Latin and Greek though he could not write. Well taught and with great moral character, at least most of the time. I believe that he is a peaceful man that would want everyone to just get along and violence would not be necessary,…show more content…
In 799 something happened that impacted Charlemagne’s reign as ruler. In April of 799 Pope Leo was kidnapped by enemies and taken to the mountains to be held capture. Charlemagne heard of this and immediately sent out troops to rescue him. The mission was successful and Pope Leo was rescued safely. In gratitude Leo invited Charlemagne to celebrate Christ mass in Rome. The mass occurred in December 25, 800 which had come to be the day that Christians celebrated Christ’s birthday. At the celebration Pope Leo declared Charlemagne Holy Roman Emperor, which is to say that the papacy supported Charlemagne reign and empire. It also was a way to take power away from the Byzantine Empire who had in recent years gone against the papacy’s set in Rome. Since they did not submit to the Pope’s authority, he found someone that would. Leo gave Charlemagne this great honor and the all Leo asked of Charlemagne was to rule by Christian teachings. Their ultimate goal was to create a christiandome, or a heaven on earth. “ All shall live entirely in accordance with gods precept, justly and under a just rule, and each one shall be admonished to live in harmony.” Einhard, Charlemagne: The
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