Why Did Buddhism Spread Christianity

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Although Buddhism and Christianity were different in that Buddhism spread nonviolently due to Buddhism Principles, while Christianity spread violently through invasions due to the spread of the religion to different regions . They were more similar in that both religions expanded and grew larger after the conversion of powerful political leaders because political rulers of different empires sent missionaries to foreign lands to spread the religion. They were also more similar in that both religions spread along the silk road because the movement of people and ideas along the silk road led to cultural diffusion. Buddhism spread nonviolently through the movement of monks and missionaries along the silk road. The missionaries that were sent by Ashoka Maurya wanted to spread their religon in a peaceful way, so they don’t disobey Buddhism philosophy. As the spread of the missionaries increased the areas…show more content…
Ashoka Maurya first converted to Buddhism after witnessing a war with an enormous amount of bloodshed and cruelty, he wanted to have peace of mind so he accepted Buddhism. He became “enlightened” and wanted to spread his enlightenment with others so he sent missionaries, in forms of monks that lived in monasteries and taught the Buddhist’s beliefs, to different lands such as Central Asia and Sri Lanka. He hoped that if he sent the missionaries they would spread the religion, and others would convert. Just like Buddhism, Christianity also spread after the rulers of the Roman empire accepting and converting to Christianity. Constantine the great was the first emperor to embrace Christianity, he converted to gain the political support of the growing numbers of Christians in the empire. He wanted to spread the religion even further so just like Ashoka Maurya he also sent missionaries like Paul, to educated European and Middle Eastern cities on the religion of
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