Why Did Australia Lose In The First World War

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Australia was one of the countries that were involved in the two most devastating wars in the 20th century, the World War one and World War two. For Australia, World War two was the conflict that the country had the most to lose. In this essay it will give facts to be use for comparing the two conflicts to prove that World War two was the war that Australia had the most to lose. The First World War was a global conflict that took place in1914 to 1918. It was caused by multiple and complex causes such as the alliances of countries, the desire of a country for new land and the growing arms race between the main countries that was involved. But the reason that sparked the war was when the Austrian Archduke, Franz Ferdinand was assassinated on June 28 1914 by Gavrillo Princip, a man from Siberia. The…show more content…
World War two began in September 1, 1939 when the Nazi-controlled Germany, led by Adolf Hitler, invaded Poland. Adolf Hitler was a dictator of Germany that believes his country needs to rebuild its power after the Treaty of Versailles made its economy collapsed. The treaty required Germany to pay enormous reparations and force to accept the complete responsibility of the war. Germany was supported by Italy and Japan that was mostly in action on Asia. The three countries alliance was also known as the Axis Power. After Poland’s defeat Britain and France declared was on Germany. Britain and France was also Part of an Alliance that was named The Allies. United States of America and the Soviet Union was one of the members of The Alliance. In the earlier stages of the war the Axis Power has

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