Why Did American Forces Pull Out of Vietnam in 1973?

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Why did American forces pull out of Vietnam in 1973? By 1973, president Nixon could see that the war in Vietnam was not going to reach an end anytime soon. He wanted America out of the war but he didn’t want to look like America had been beaten. Nixon was then faced with a dilemma called peace with honor. He wanted to get the American forces out of Vietnam without the embarrassment and humiliation. President Johnson and Nixon chose to withdraw American forces from Vietnam from 1969 for a number of reasons. The first of these reasons was because of the financial cost of the war. The war was costing $66 million a day and the only way for the Americans to pay this was to increase taxes but he had to cut the program to deal with poverty. This affected black Americans and ethnic minorities because most of the people that came under that class were on the poverty program, so they opposed the war. The public opinion of the war in America was mainly against the US involvement in Vietnam. When the public heard that America were pulling out of the war they felt as if all the men who had died, had died for nothing. The tactics of the Vietcong were guerilla warfare. This was the type of warfare that the American’s were not use to fighting in. they were use to conventional wars were you could see the opposition, not hiding in the forest. They also used booby traps that were everywhere so a lot of American troops got injured. However, the failure of the American tactics could be classed as another reason that the American forces pulled out of Vietnam. The operation ‘search and destroy’ failed, as the idea of it was to go into villages and interrogate the villagers and torch their homes. The problem with this was that the soldiers in the Vietcong looked like ordinary villages so it was hard for the American’s to tell who was a NFL member and who was an ordinary

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