Why Did African Americans Develop In The 1950's

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Using sources A-E and your own knowledge. How did civil rights for African Americans develop in the 1950’s? The 1950’s were a time of change in America for the black people of America I am going to write about the themes: black Americans working together, the emergence of MLK and non-violence, the use of the media and black Americans standing up for what they believed was right. The first theme is black Americans working together from my own knowledge I know the civil rights movement was one that was tackled with unity by the people who were fighting for all people to have civil rights. Source A shows us that the black people would work together as the man is not getting on the bus and he would rather walk and from my own knowledge I know…show more content…
Source A shows that the blacks did not have to use violence towards the white people to get what they wanted as the black male in the cartoon is simply just saying that he was not going to get on the bus and as we know many black people boycotted the busses meaning the bus companies lost a lot of money making them stop the segregation of busses so that the blacks would use the busses again this shows how non-violence could be effective as not getting on a bus is a non-violent act but it was very successful in the terms of getting fair use of the busses for both blacks and white. Although this source is showing what happened in a specific place we know it did happen and that it worked without violence and brought MLK to the forefront of the black civil rights movement. Source B links in with source A, this is because they are both talking about the same peaceful act that helped the blacks get civil rights. Source C also shows the emergence of MLK as a key theme as it is a speech by him talking about the non-violent tactics being their best weapon showing that what is seen to be one of the main leaders of the movement going against violence and being for no violence which I know from my own knowledge Martin Luther King did as he would use many of the methods of Ghandi to help him along his way and although this is a biased speech it shows us that Martin Luther King was giving speeches to people about how the best was to get your way was by not using violence. Source D shows how the emergence of MLK was a big deal as it was him who was personally attacked showing that the racists must have thought he was someone important to the civil rights movement and they were trying to stop him. Although this is not a typical occurrence it
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