Why Did a Dictatorship Emerge in Germany in 1933 and Not Before? Essay

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Why did a dictatorship emerge in Germany in 1933 and not before? The Weimar Republic was bound to fail sooner or later given its weakness at birth and the values it was associated with however as to why Hitler was able to take power in 1933 and not before is an interesting question that requires much thought and attention. It has being proven throughout history that for extreme parties such as the NSDAP or the Communist party to gain mass support there has to be an economic crisis. The Nazi party was the one which eventually turned out ahead of the others, partly because of their leader, Adolf Hitler and partly because of their wider appeal and superior organisation. After it was proven that to rise to power through revolutions and coups (Spartacist revolt, Munich Beer Cellar putsch) was not practicable, economic crises offered these groups their only means to rise to power. There were economic crises in 1923 and during the 1929 - 1933 period, the earlier period was simply too early in the extreme parties histories for them to gain any serious support however the later one provided these parties with real opportunities to gain popularity. Statiscally, Hitler was most popular in 1932, yet it was in 1933 that he became chancellor, to explain this one must look at the political context of the time which suggests that Hitler rose to power not because he was destined to as the Nazi propaganda suggest but because he was greatly aided by circumstances and other people’s errors. The only secure way to power is legal and for a normal political party to rise to power it must either get a majority in the Reishtag thus establishing it’s own government and leader or set up an alliance with other parties so that between them they have a majority; extreme groups failed to do this in the years preceding 1933 and that is why no dictatorship emerged in those years. It is a fact

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