Why Did 9/11 Happen Essay

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On Tuesday September 11 in the year 2001 is was a normal sunny day in New York City and every thing was normal. Every one started to go to work; this was between 7.00-9.00. But a few minutes after 9.00 am the sky had turned dark with smoke. Two jet airplanes, hijacked by religious terrorists smashed in to the twin towers of the World Trade Centre and exploded. The first crash happened a couple of minutes before 9.00am and the second plane 18 minutes later. By 10.30 the structures of both trade centres had collapsed. At about the same time two other planes were hijacked one was crashed into the pentagon in Washington D.C. The pentagon is the headquarters of the U.S defence department; witch is the agency of the government that controls the military. The fourth plane crashed into an open field in western Pennsylvania. Some people on that plane started to call friends and family to tell them what was happening. It was believed that the fourth plane was also intended to crash in to the pentagon aswell. The attacks between the towers and the pentagon cost more than 3000 deaths. President Bush announced the U.S intention to fight its own war again against terrorism worldwide.…show more content…
This was not the first time they had tried to attack the world trade centre. In 1993 February 26th a truck bomb exploded in a parking garage below the world trade centre. Six people were killed and more than 1000 people where injured. A Pakistani was eventually captured and convicted for the bombing as were several Egyptians. The FBI believe that these terrorists plan was too explode one of the towers and make it lean and fall onto the other tower to destroy them both to try and kill and total of 250,000 civilian deaths. The reasons these terrorist did this is because they wanted to trigger a war between Al-Qaeda and America. The September 11 attacks happened for the same

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