Why Death Penalty Is Bad

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Over the years there have been many problems regarding the Death Penalty. One problem would be the financial problems. In the United States and other countries the death penalty has cost millions per case. The death penalty should be abolished because it cost too much money to the state. The death penalty cost too much money to the state. In some states the death penalty is not in the best interest. For example, according to the Neb. Press &Dakotan a report from the Nebraska Judiciary Committee states that any savings from executing an inmate are outweighed by the financial costs. According to reuters.com the death penalty in California is the most expensive and the least effective. It has 726 inmates on death row yet the last time they executed one was 6 years ago. This puts a financial burden on this state. A 2011 study by Ninth Court of Appeals said the death penalty has cost the state $4 billion since 1978. If California would have gotten rid of the death penalty long ago such money would not have been spent, saving the state millions of dollars. Also in some states one trial can be a setback, financially speaking. For example, according to The Spokesman-Review officials in Washington are concerned that the costs for a single death penalty trial will approach $1 million. To pay for the trial, the county has had to let one government position go unfilled, delay employee raises, had to use its $300,000 contingency fund, and eliminated all capital improvements. According to fnsa.org Georgia is laying off 900 correction personnel due to the high costs of the death penalty. These actions do not benefit the state. Also if the death penalty was abolished, millions would be saved from each state and be used for better causes. For example, according to deathpenaltyinfo.org California could save $1 billion over five years, while Florida could save $51 million

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