"Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior" Comparative Critique

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Michael Brunswick Martin W130 April 17, 20 Final Copy: CC Comparative Critique of “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior” by Amy Chua “Mother Inferior” by Hanna Rosin: Tiger Mom vs. Tiger Mailroom” by Patrick Goldstein Amy Chua has introduced a unique way of parenting through her article “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior” in contrast to western practices. In response to her article, the authors Hanna Rosin and Patrick Goldstein have responded with a different point of view concerning the practice of methods used to educate individuals. As they present their arguments, we will better understand each writer’s position on the matter of education and their stance on how it is implemented in their articles but more importantly, how each perspective will ultimately affect a child’s view on the value of parenting practices concerning education. Patrick Goldstein has taken the stance of the ability to bypass the basic need of the pursuit of knowledge to further one’s career. The example of hard work or ingenuity would prevail in the overall scheme of things and using examples of individuals that have become successful with inventions or self-motivation versus ardent instruction, Goldstein’s stance on education is secondary to talent and the ability to form relationships that could possibly advance one’s professional status is more important than self-discipline through education. By using examples of success stories of a small group of people who have not completed their education such as Steve Jobs, Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood and Mark Zuckerberg, Goldstein reinforces his position of not needing a formal education to become successful if a person is willing to work hard or have a talent to propel oneself into elite status. Hanna Rosin has followed a similar perspective, when addressing the development of a parent’s reinforcement of innate talent

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