Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

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Bachour 1 ! Nancy Bachour Mrs. Jordan Molina English 100 February 12, 2015 Superior Woman Parenting is a very debatable topic; it creates a lot of controversy when discussed. The relationship between parents and children is a very important part of their lives; in fact it is the base of how children will grow up, and build their personalities. Some parents strive to get their children successful; other parents relive their youth through their children, and some don’t expect much out of their children. Amy Chua is a professor of Law at Yale, an author of “World on Fire”, and a Chinese mother. In Chua’s “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” (an excerpt from Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother), Chua takes a serious approach demonstrating the Chinese parenting method, and how it is effective in her life. Her main claim from this article is to state the differences between Western; Chinese parents, and how great Chinese parenting method is. The text is also connected to the identity theme; it conveys different aspects of figuring out one’s self , and how the parenting method is a big part of that. Chua’s text is very harsh toned, yet effective due to the use of all three appeals: Ethos, Logos, and Pathos. The author is raised by Chinese parents, which defines a big part of who she is. In the text Chua uses Ethos to establish her personal experience with parenting. She chooses a hard, and a time consuming parenting technique “ The Chinese method” to raise both of her daughters. For instance:“ A lot of people wonder how Chinese parents raise such stereotypically successful kids well I can tell them, Bachour 2 ! because I’ve done it, here are some things my daughters were never allowed to do… not play the piano or violin” (Chua 1). We have all had Chinese classmates; they always tend to be the smartest in the class, and we always wondered why are they the best !? Well in

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