Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

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Summary of “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” was written by Professor Amy Chua who is a Chinese mother of two. This article was published January 8th, 2011 in the Wall Street Journal. This article is mainly intended for what Chua refers to as “Western parents.” Amy Chua’s opinion is that these “Western” mothers fail at having successful children unlike Chinese mothers such as herself. According to Chua, Chinese mothers believe that if their child fails it is directed towards their parenting and that they have failed as a parent. Chua listed all the things she doesn’t allow her children to do, and she believes that it is correlated to how successful her children will be. There are many differences between the ways that Chinese mothers and Western mothers raise their kids according to Chua. Chua points out many differences between Chinese mothers and Western mothers; one of those differences is that Chinese mothers spend ten times longer working with their kids’ academic activities in contrast to Western mothers who prefer to spend more time working with their kids on sport activities than academics. In contrast, Western mothers believe that academic success should not be something that their children stress about. According to Chua there are three differences that cause the Chinese mothers to be “superior.” First, Chinese parents don’t care as much about their kid’s self-esteem as Western mothers do. Second, Chinese parents assert that any goal their kids reach is all thanks to their parents. Lastly, Chinese parents are sure that they always know what is best for them. Western parents might see some of these as unacceptable, and even in some ways abusive, but according to Chua, these are the things that make Chinese mothers have such successful children. One of the things Chinese mothers seem to be very good at compared to

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