Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

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Intention: To increase our understanding in the concept “Tiger Mom” and to shred light over why she thinks how “Chinese Mothers” are superior compared to “Western Mothers”. In providing examples and explanations about this, Amy Chua is correspondingly persuasive. This persuasiveness presents a positive point of view of the methods used by “Chinese Mothers,” and therefore is the intention in the article furthermore to influence the way “Western Mothers” raise their children. Essay China is a place far from us both geographically and culturally. Even though it is the most populous country, a country that represents approximately 18,5 % out of the earth’s inhabitant, they seem distant, distant in terms of belief, behaviour and ethics. The dissimilarities between our ethics and way of thinking can create a barrier that separates our societies. One of the major differences are among the methods used to raise our children, a difference that is suprisingly huge, assuming that most parents consider their child important. In the article from The Wall Street Journal written by Amy Chua she highlights this difference. Amy Chua is a so-called “Tiger Mom.” Tiger mom is an expression used about mothers who raise their children by being rigorous, focusing on academic perfection, discipline and musical mastery mostly piano or violin. By doing this they are raising ste-reotypically successful children who achieve professional success. Amy Chua writes her subjective view upon, why and how Chinese mothers are superior in terms of raising and educating their children. Her point of view is as it says in the title: “Why Chinese Moth-ers Are Superior.” By this she states that her approach in child upbringing is superior compared with “Western Mothers,” a statement that she explains by delivering lots of arguments, facts and by using her daughters as examples. Ethos is the

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