Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

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Why Chinese mothers are superior The text Why Chinese mothers are superior is an article written in the Wall Street Journal, January 8, 2011, by Amy Chua. It is about the differences between Chinese and Western parents and how they raise their children. When you rise up your child in the Chinese way, you have to push your children, and you do not give up on them. They will get to know, if they do not do their things well enough, and they are not good enough, if they not get an A at school. The Western parents are a bit different; they are not pushing their children and tell them, that they are not good enough, if they are not getting an A. Even though the Chinese parents are the strict ones, the Western think, it is them. In general it is like the two types of parenting are having the same intentions but they are doing it in two different ways – one stricter than the other. The Chinese parents are rising in the hard and tough way, while the Western parents are more soft and resilient. Another difference between those two parent-types is that the Western people are thinking about their children and their psyches, while the Chinese’s are not. They just want the perfect children seen from the outside. The speaker Amy’s background could very well be the same as the one she is trying to raise her own children in. She is rising up her children in the Chinese way. Her children were never allowed to go to sleepovers or have playdates. They were not even allowed to watch TV or play video games. They had to get an A in school and play an instrument which should either be the piano or violin. The reason why she is using this upbringing could be that she wants her children to be the best, that it is sort of a competition against other parents. A lot of parents are often raising their own children like they were raised, so Amy could, in this way, have had the same background

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