Why Child Abuse Is Wrong Essay

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Effects of Child Abuse Tens of thousands of children are suffering each year due to domestic violence by their parents or guardians. Child abuse can result in poor outcomes. Domestic violence is existent in all cultures, homes, communities of faith, etc. Physical abuse refers to any behavior that involves the intentional use of force against the body of another person that risks physical injury, harm, and/or pain (Dutton, 1992). Child abuse has created massive sufferance of children and can cause negative outcomes through emotional instability in the mind and heart, painfulness of physical wounds, and can cause traumatic distress in the future. Although each parent and child may have their own problems, it is not fair if we let child abuse to happen because it can create senseless and complicated issues. Child abuse has created invisible pain to children’s emotions. According to the National Child Abuse Statistics in 2006, “80% of children getting abused can easily develop psychiatric disorders at the age of 21 such as depression, anxiety, and eating disorders.” The outcomes of a child being abused can create profound sadness, attempts of suicide, and can affect on his/her social life with others. “In Los Angeles 2003, Richard Jr. suffered abuse during high school at Don Boscov Technical Institute and resulted in depression and suicidal.” (Quinn) As a result, child abuse can bring down children’s self-esteem low and emotional instability in the mind and heart. A second negative effect of Child Abuse is that it creates physical pain in blameless children. The outcome of Child abuse can increase a child's risk of developing a number of health malfunctions. According to Department of Health Services, long term consequences of Child Physical Abuse can be brain damage, eye

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