Why Change Education

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Why change education? The term 21st century learning, indicates to the rapidly changing world and society and also future change, however it is hard to determine future economical change and challenges. The concept of 21st Century Learning is not a structured learning of skills, but however reflected as a constellation of “ new ideas, beliefs, knowledge, theories and practices “ (Bolstad et al, 2012, p.1). As we look at some schools and classrooms these points are shown and demonstrated within teaching practices by educators. Through the development of 21st century learning there has been a need to involve clusters of the ideas, principles and practices, to help support students, in increasing their abilities, proficiencies, information and understanding that is vital to contribute in our national and global future. The notion of unbundling, along with the change in the 21st Century refers to the threshold of students developing more information within the digital age. Technology is considered to be one of the factors within 21st century learning, which can provide support and unbundling. Even though the concept of the technological revolution helps impact and increase learning, by assisting in helping in expanding ideas and practices to collaborate together, and re-bundled the learning of students and the ways in which educators teach. Thus better reflecting on the curriculum and the learning within the 21st Century world. Within 21st century learning there are six, emerging principles that arise within future learning, these consisting of educators making learning personalized, teaching new views of equity, diversity and inclusively. Providing a curriculum that uses the knowledge extends the students learning capacity. Another of these principles is known as “ changing the script” referring to the dialogue used, in generating rethinking learners
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