Why Certain Colours Used in Food and Drink Packaging Are More Effective Than Other Colours Used?

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Colour is important for companies looking to differentiate themselves visually, so that businesses are investing more in branding. I plan to explore if certain colours used in food packaging are more effective than other colours. I want to find out the psychology behind the colours. Also why certain colours make an impact on the businesses decision on what colours they would use. It is critical that businesses to differentiate themselves from their competitors. The businesses want to make their brand memorable and make a connection with their target audience while still being unique. In respect to competition, colour is mainly used to differentiate a brand from its competitors rather than communicate. (Mokhonoana, 2009) Business want their consumers to make an association with their product when they think of a colour. Colour is registered by the brain before any image or typographic form has been recognized. Colour can increase brand recognition by up to 80 percent. (Wadsworth, 2009) Colours can have an impact on our body and mind. Colours have different meanings and associated with different feelings. Red suggests images of physical and emotional warmth. It is stimulating to the appetite making you feel hungry which is why it is used a lot in restaurants. It is exciting colour which adds excitement to the brand. The colour blue and white are neutral colours. It can promote foods with positive and cool associations such as water and frozen foods. It can suggest freshness and purity. Green is used a lot on packaging to suggest that the food is healthy. It is associated with nature and general well-being. It is used for environmentally friendly or vegetarian products. Purple can mean rich and royalty. Yellow and orange are happy, playful, vibrant colours. They are used a lot on packaging for cereals and vitamins to convey health and energy. Black means power,

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