Why Cassius Is Weak

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Why Cassius Can Be Considered Weak No character is the most powerful in the play. Cassius is powerful, but not the most powerful in the play due to several elements that other characters display better than Cassius himself can. -Submissive Can be seen as an opposite to counter his manipulative trait or his foresight (1), he is unable to express his opinions to Brutus and the conspirators. His words have no weight, and are unable to change or impact decisions made by the conspirators. → He is unable to convince Brutus to give the command to get rid of Antony, along with Caesar, as Brutus’ words and rejection to the suggestion carry more weight, which are able to influence the rest of conspirators. “Yet I fear him;/ For in the ingrafted love he bears to Caesar -” This suggests that he realises and understands that Antony poses a threat of carrying out revenge for Caesar, even after the objective of killing Caesar is completed. However, his worries are not brought across to the conspirators as his words have no weight, and furthermore, his submissive character results in him not pursuing this worry. → “I wish we may. But yet have I a mind/That fears him much, and my misgiving still /Falls shrewdly to the purpose”, from this we can see how he still shows some signs of uneasiness about them giving Antony a chance but is still not able to bring his point across to Brutus and the other conspirators as they all reason with Brutus and later on even submits himself to accepting Antony and even trying to convince him to join them. -Lack of foresight/ambition(1) With the exception of wanting to remove Antony, he shows a lack of foresight towards other aspects of conspiracy. As his primary motive of the conspiracy is to get rid of Caesar because of jealousy towards his power, he fails to plan for what happens after. This can be
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