Why Britain Should Leave India

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To his Excellency Lord Mountbatten, Viceroy of India Sir, I felicitate you on your recent appointment as His Majesty’s viceroy in India. I am writing to persuade you to use your power to end the British Raj as soon as you possibly can. Firstly, I must say that frankly there has been a great deal of negative aspects that the British Empire has brought us. However, I have to thank you as you have made India more productive through your resources such as medicine, technology, science and other supplies. Consequently, we were able to make and handle more complicated utensils to build vaccines, goods, vehicles, materials, weapons and electricity. Because of Britain’s powerful knowledge it made India fertile. This is because before the British entered India, India’s citizens were described as “undisciplined’’. Didn’t you have any empathy for us when you heard this assumption? On a whole, Britain was really helpful to India. However, Britain did have its problems for us as they were racist; they had the Salt Tax which caused us to lose our money. I find this concerning, evil and upsetting. The worst of the worst was that it affected our culture. It came in the form of losing their economy from before. This happened because you tried to force Indians to buy your produce that was created in England and was cheaper, rather than them purchasing their own items in our country. The corporations affected by this were the material factories and others. In addition, famine conquered the society after Britain suggested they grow only crops for cash. The problem about this was that most Indians growing goods didn’t have enough money to buy the food because of your taxes. As a consequence, many people died of starvation. The country also lost a lot of money because of leaders and wars between them and Great Britain. This cost them. Also, the other negative thing was that British
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