Why Beowulf Is An Epic

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An epic story is a story where the hero must go up against impossible odds for glory and honor. An epic is very long and narrative and embodies the values of that time period. An epic hero must have supernatural strength and abilities. Epic heros are not ordinary people, they are larger-than-life heros who are courageous and loyal. The heros in epics go on great journeys, like that in Beowulf where he travels to Denmark to fight Grendal or like the journey in Gilgamesh where Gilgmesh searches for Humbaba. Epic heros are usually rewarded for the great deeds, such as Beowulf, he became a legendary hero. Beowulf is an epic story because he goes up against impossible odds for glory. His journeys takes him into battles to fight monsters ordinary men could not. Beowulf’s extraordinary strength and abilities make him an epic hero. Beowulf is a larger-that-life hero and embodies the values of the Anglo-Saxons. Beowulf is great leader because he is loyal. He protected Danes from Grendal by killing the monster and killed Grendal’s mother for attacking Herot. He fights when he is called up on to. Another example great leadership is when he if referred to as Edgetho’s son, proves he up holds his fathers reputation. Beowulf’s genorsity make him a great leader too. In his last battle with he pick a small army of men to be honored for going up against a dragon. Wiglaf speaks of how he gave them war-gear and land and as Beowulf is about to dies and tells his men to give the treasure to the people. Beowulf is a great warrior because of his supernatural abilities and strength. The battle with Grendal showed that Beowulf had supernatural abilities he was strong and fearless in his pursuit to take down Grendal. Beowulf’s strength is shown when he takes hold of the Grendal’s claws and the monster fights to get away. Grendal a monster so powerful that he could he fifteen men a
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