Why Being Ethical Is Important In Business?

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We will always look for the best possible profit outcome from any kind of situation. The leaders of businesses are expected to run their business as profitably as can. Both successful and money-making business in itself can be a remarkable provider toward the common good of the social order. Here actually comes the word ‘Ethics’ in a business. In business ethical decision is a must thing and to succeed in the long term, it is important to be ethical in every aspect. Not only within the company and customers, but also along with every stakeholders and to the environment. Almost every successful company in this world today has their own code of conducts to provide a guideline for their employees. According to Garrett and Klonoski (1990), “ethics are nothing but an individual’s personal beliefs about whether a behaviour, action, or decision is right or wrong.” Mainly this issue is defined in the context of individual, where ethical behavior varies from person to person and this behavior also conforms to generally accepted social norms. Ethical behavior in an overall business including welfare for the society is actually the ethics in a business firm. So, why did I choose to write about business ethics to begin with? I am not an expert or a master in this subject, but I have had some remarkable experiences choosing between being ethical and unethical. Ethics, to me is knowing deep down in myself that what I am doing is right. The idiom 'business ethics' is actually used to portray the battles of individuals within an association, as well as the association as a whole. The law actually defines what is and is not legal, but the peculiarities between moral right and wrong are not always so apparent. In many state of affairs lines between right and wrong are distorted. Those kinds of situations actually lead to ethical dilemmas. I worked in a bank for five years and there

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