Why Be Good Essay

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WHY BE GOOD? Good has many definitions or should I say it is subjective. One may be good to the other but not to another, it can also be used in many ways. But, why do we need to be good? Let’s say, the person beside you dropped his coin and he didn’t notice it, what your conscience will tell you is the right thing to do and I bet that your conscience will tell you to return the coin to its owner; that is the good. The need to be good depends on the person’s level of maturity and he/she has been brought up, on his/her culture, beliefs and principles. Let’s put into context the Lawrence Kohlberg’s level of moral development, through the levels, we could explain why we are doing the ‘good’, it may be because we avoid punishments, and we are in for the benefits; it may also be because it is the norm, in the law or is because of our principles and conscience. But, why do we need to be good? When I was faced with this question, I really didn’t know what, how to answer it. I do really think that we don’t need to have justifications of why need to be good. We need to be good simply because it is the right thing to do, it is what our conscience says to us to do; and most especially, it is must involve self-interest and not what others tell us to

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