Why Be a Nurse?

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‘Nursing. It’s not just a career, it’s a calling’ (Tietjen, 2008-2012). This statement supports everything we know about nursing. People don’t choose to enter nursing because it’s well paid or easy. People become nurses because it’s part of who they are. ‘Nursing is not a career that people choose for money; it is usually chosen due to a passion to turn people's lives around’. (Charleston, J, 2008-2012). However, becoming a nurse is no easy task. There are many academic requirements of entering nursing and becoming a registered nurse. In order to become a registered nurse in the UK, you must complete one of three courses. These are: Bachelor degree In Nursing, Associate degree in nursing and completing a diploma programme. (Learn4Good,2012). This takes 3 years for the degree and diploma. However, from September 2013 the diploma will no longer be available and the course will be degree only at all universities. Before entry to university can be gained, you must reach the grades required by that university for this course. This can range between BBB at A-levels and above. If these grades have not been met at A-levels, there is the access course to nursing. This can be completed either at college or online and is widely recognised as a form of higher education and welcomed by most universities. ‘Pre-registration degrees and diploma programmes are offered in four "branches" - adult, children (paediatric), learning disability and mental health’. (NHS careers, n.d). You may need to know which area of nursing you are interested in before application, but some universities allow you to choose once the course has already begun. Research has shown that aside from the academic qualifications required to be a nurse, there are certain traits that a person should possess in order to deal with the day to day demands of the Nursing role (Winter, R, 2009). These include having
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