Why Banning the Use of Cell Phones While Driving Should Be Mandatory Nationwide. Essay

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How often have you seen people talking and texting while driving? Probably many, including yourself. Of all vehicle related accidents, what percentage of drivers do you believe admit to cell phone usage? Well 78% of adults and teens have admitted that they have sent/read a text message, talked and even surfed on the internet while driving. Majority of these people have no regard of the safety of others around them. Laws banning cell-phone usage have been approved in some states, cities and municipalities, but not all. When we leave our home we take our keys, wallet, purse, and foremost our phones. Cell phones are the perfect way to stay connected with others while providing the user with a sense of security. Kingston k stated, “Mobiles are now every one’s first choice gadget, either an elderly person or a younger one.” (Kingston, K 2014). We use cell phones for our jobs, check e-mails, text people, internet and directions. Most of you sitting here today have a cellular phone and have done all or at least one of these things on a phone while driving. Raise your hand if you have. Ok now look around you and see how many do this while driving. “Cell phones use is associated with higher rates of dangerous or fatal car crashes.” Mentioned Lawyer Synder, E Law Associates (Synder, 2014). Using a cell phone while driving increases the potential risk of an accident happing. We see many people on a phone in a car trying to make a turn, get over and cross lanes. Your blind spots increase more cause your brain is now focused on your phone call, you felt was important, text message, e-mail, or even tweets/Facebook you are engaged in; rather than the task at hand. Your performance level is now decreased, no matter how well you drive. Driving requires all attention on the road. Using a cell phone is a major distraction. Majority of people choose to talk and text while
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