Why Axe Became Popular

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AXE ADS Why has Axe become popular? How has a product like male deodorant spray become a type of culture icon? The answer is simple and lies in the method of their advertising campaign. The message of Axe is this: wear Axe, get the ladies. This Axe ad is controversial because it places a negative implication on women and the acts of men as sexual beings. Axe sexual ads often feature scantily clad, conventionally beautiful women .Axe used their male-only brand and all its advertising campaigns showed insecure young men overly shy or over the top and silly to compensate getting attractive women by spraying themselves with Axe deodorants who are seduced by men using Axe products. One of their newer products, a body spray called Dark Temptation, is featured in a commercial where the man using the body spray turned into a chocolate man. Throughout the commercial there are women biting his butt, licking his neck, inadequately clothed; clawing at windows to get to him. Many other commercials feature women that can't resist a man wearing an axe product. Available via.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myxGr1uuGiw .This commercials not only cheapen women but it presents the inaccurate information, that all women have an inner beast awaiting to leash out. This ad consists of gender stereotypes and portrays both women and men as sexually appealing being. Young men, like women, frequently suffer from poor self-esteem, lack of confidence and this ad has exploit that. I think it’s also an insult to men. To make them believe that by just using Axe product, girls would go crazy over them. According to Huffington post, Axe's ad isn't just bad for women. The campaign also insults and undermines men. "This ad promotes the belief that all men… are incapable of controlling themselves when women are nearby," Escobar wrote. "By this logic, men are no longer capable of being
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